Author's painting

Painting is always manual work, which means that each of them has its own uniqueness


It is believed that each painting has its own fate, each is written for its own person or family, and just sometimes waits in the wings to get into a particular interior. Yes, each painting is unique.


I use natural gallery canvases made specially for the order.

Sometimes these are canvases of various shapes, for example, how often can you come across a round-shaped painting? Or is it multifaceted?

These forms will definitely add zest to your space, and, often, such a picture can become its center. A bright accent, for example, immediately attracting all the attention. Your guests and friends will certainly be pleasantly surprised. Let there be more different paintings!


I use the so-called gallery canvases, the thickness of which is 3.5-4 cm, which allows the picture to be an independent object, and therefore often does not require decoration in a frame!


I like to apply various techniques, for example, technique using texture paste or gold potal)

The work is varnished, which means that it is protected from sunlight, durable


I will enter the picture in your interior for free, because for me it is important that the picture brings maximum pleasure and finds its own unique place. Just send a photo or design of your interior and we will immediately see how it will be.


An artist is always inspired by something, sometimes it catches something so much and for a long time that I want to create a whole series. I will be glad to create it for you.


Anna Bo - artist with higher academic art education

MGHPA . S. G. Stroganov ACADEMY, which allows me to use knowledge in the field of color, harmonious proportions and painting techniques.

Participant in various art exhibitions.

​You can be surprised only once !!

I try to surprise you again and again ......