Ideas and meanings

Who said that the picture should be rectangular or square, why not create triangular or multifaceted paintings.
Pictures-TRANSFORMERS,DESIGN PICTURES,capable of changing and transforming to your interior and mood.
By training a designer, that’s why I look at contemporary painting with the approach of a designer, presenting a picture as an ART OBJECT that can be an accent or even the center of your interior.
We live in the modern world, we often change, we move somewhere, transform, it is important for me to create art that corresponds to our time.
A man is multifaceted, he is refracted by different faces, transformed, changed, and therefore art can be multifaceted.

"ALL WE ARE FROM SPACE".We are all from space, we are all from childhood. Each of us once sat and looked at the stars, into this dark abyss with twinkling stars. Asked various questions. In my family, conversations about the importance of the development of space technologies very often went on, and I, as an artist, continue to worry about the development of science and technology.Inspired by the cosmos, in which there is a lot of unknown to mankind, I want to encourage society to pay attention to science and modern technology.In the description of the work I like to write scientific facts about the planet, I believe that art should also have the function of enlightenment, to allow a person to learn new things.I like to use non-standard formats of work, for example, round.It seems important to me to pay attention to space. Because, a person, looking at the images of other planets, also thinks about the Earth, realizing that it is necessary to take care of it, it is not equal.

A series of works devoted to space, over 12 works:MARS, MOON, NEPTUNE, JUPITER, SUN, PLUTO, MERCURY, URANUS, SATURN, NEBULA, ROCKET ....The work was performed in various techniques, natural gallery canvases, oil, acrylic.